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Início » Børresen X3 and Axxess Forté 1 presentation to the Portuguese

Børresen X3 and Axxess Forté 1 presentation to the Portuguese

Are you passionate about music? Do you believe you should listen to it as you deserve, with the highest possible quality that your budget allows? You are an audiophile.

Borresen X3 and Axxess Forté 1
Borresen X3

However, you live in the interior of a small country called Portugal. And living in the interior of Portugal comes with a series of difficulties compared to those living on the coast, and even more so compared to those living in Lisbon or Porto. Portugal has about 120,000 square kilometers; Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Luxembourg are smaller. Portugal has about 10 million inhabitants; the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, and Norway are less populated. However, the divisions that exist here do not seem to occur to the same extent in any of the countries mentioned.

I am one of those who, if a sudden influx of euros appeared in my bank account, would immediately move to the interior, as I believe that only there can a certain level of quality of life be found. On the other hand, from the perspective that interests me in this given time, and those who are reading these lines, high-fidelity stores in Portugal all are in Lisbon or Porto. As for the rest of the country… well, the audiophile who does not live near Porto or Lisbon will face additional difficulties in pursuing this hobby.

Perhaps that is why, in response to the event’s call for the presentation of the Børresen X3 floor-standing speakers and Axxess Forté 1 integrated amplifier (brands that were absolutely new in Portugal at the time), about forty visitors attended, a number that did not embarrass the event (quite the opposite), with the majority being enthusiastic participants. Yes, forget the environment you might be used to at events in the capital (Lisbon) and in Invicta (Porto). Those who came to the Montebelo Viseu Congress Hotel arrived, listened, and voiced their opinions!

This was partly justified, in my opinion, by the didactic tone that Rui Pedroso, responsible for the organizing company, Autumn Leaf Audio, imposed on the event. Besides the usual presentation and demonstration of the aforementioned equipments, the event was primarily organized in an A/B test format. We heard the differences between the integrated DAC and the CD player one, the speakers with and without resonance control devices, and the same with the amplifier. We also had comparisons between different cables (digital coaxial and analog interconnects, speaker, and power cables). Even the power distributors, of two different quality levels (X-TC and A2, from Ansuz), were compared.

Speakers placed directly on the floor. And with resonance control feet? Who heard the differences? And what were those differences? Electronics placed directly on the rack, and then with resonance control devices placed. Did anyone hear the differences, and if so, what were they? Speaker cables with a certain construction, and then another pair with a different construction. Were there differences? Everyone was given the opportunity to draw their own conclusions and voice their opinions.

Børresen X3 Floor-Standing Speakers

The Børresen X3 floor-standing speakers can be considered true masterpieces of design and sound engineering, combining advanced technologies and high-quality materials. These speakers, combined with the Forté 1 integrated amplifier, offered an unparalleled sound experience for the proposed price, in my opinion. The design is elegant and sophisticated, fitting perfectly into any environment, making them an aesthetic and functional addition to the living room, listening room, or studio.

They sounded impressive across all frequency ranges, with precise reproduction. They allowed participants to dive into the musical details of each track played. The bass was deep and impactful, the mids rich and immersive, and the highs precise and crystal clear, and never aggressive. But what really stood out about these Børresen speakers was the soundstage, where each instrument appeared distinct and organized in space, with impressive width and substantial depth, providing an immersive sound experience for those present.

Axxess Forté 1 All-In-One Amplifier

Axxess Forté 1

The Axxess Forté 1 integrated amplifier seemed to me a perfect partner for the Børresen X3 floor-standing speakers. Combining power, precision, and the right amount of detail without losing the organic sense of music. This equipment will have a dedicated review within days. Not to be missed.

The Event

Borresen X3 + Axxess Forté 1 presentation in Viseu

Porto and Lisbon, take note! Besides all the good we have and feel at the events in the two largest Portuguese cities, the audiophiles of Viseu add passion, fervor, and generosity. They do not take their opinions exclusively home; they share them right there, on the spot.
Want examples? One of an engineer who intervened, saying he understood and agreed with the positive influence of the resonance control devices applied to the speakers and that he indeed heard the difference after they were applied but doubted the effects when applied to electronics. But after listening, he immediately admitted he was initially wrong and that there were indeed differences after applying the same devices to the amplifier.
And the example of the esteemed Fernando Pais, an audiophile present at the event, who took the trouble and expense to write and print the “Manifesto for Audiophilia” to distribute to those present.

Portugal seems to have a desert in the interior of the country. Some, clumsy, would tend to agree. I, increasingly, admire and envy those who live there, as they fill the low population density with what seems to be becoming scarce on the coast…