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Início » Moustaches Adventures in High-end, Ultimate Sessions Extreme 17th to 19th Feb’23

Moustaches Adventures in High-end, Ultimate Sessions Extreme 17th to 19th Feb’23

Ultimate Audio Elite brought together five superlative systems at the Sheraton Hotel in the city of Porto.

Despite the size of the Portuguese market, the truth is that the conditions can be met for the coordinates of several High-fidelity showcases to be located in Porto or Lisbon, also thanks to the efforts of some of the Portuguese High-end houses. One that has distinguished itself in this effort has been Ultimate Audio Elite.

Let’s dive into the synopsis of my experience in the show.

Starting with the Burmester room, which was not the only one with equipment from this maker. This one consisted of Burmester speakers, Burmester amplification and Burmester source. Simple, isn’t it? Completed with Siltech’s accessories. This was one of those I was most eager to ear.

What the eyes saw: the design is really impressive, both for the panache and for the materials.I suspect that the man who draw them must have been inspired by the Nuremberg architecture of the 1930s, or perhaps in what Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph des Willens” left us for posterity, almost nothing was left behind by Allied bombs for those who lived to see, at least in colour.

Its sound: for the baptism of the brand, it was like a baptism made by a sound sponge to be gently rubbed in my face. But when I call it gentle, don’t misinterpret me, because there was no lack of attack, firmness and authority in the sound. In fact, I would even use these terms as one of the ways to better describe how this system sounded to me. Terry Ellis, in the video of which I leave the link at the end, called it modern sound, I prefer to call it “in your face type of sound”, which is the type of sound that has the potential to conquer most fans immediately in this type of event.

This system was also able to dissect with tweezers complex pieces, interpreter by interpreter of the string section, as if they were soloists, on the Allegreto, 7th Symphony (Op. 92) Mov. II by Beethoven, known to many as part of the soundtrack of films such as “The King’s Speech” or “Irreversible”. This system did not disappoint, interpreting this piece exactly as it deserves, pulling my guts in the process. Although it was not the system presented in the event that impressed me the most in this aspect, the truth is that the sound had an evident depth, and filled the room in its width and height.

VAC Diptyque Antipodes Aqua Esprit room

Well, if the intention is to impress friends with the purchase of a high-end hifi system, then this might be the way to do it. I’m not just referring to the grandeur of Diptyque’s Magnetostatic speakers, which are impressive design pieces, and the sound doesn’t disappoint either. Texture, power, naturalness, linear and they sound true to the original.

The technology used may raise the question: so what about the bass? Wow!! 

Okay, the Diptyques might not dig the lower bass in an apocalyptic film with earthquakes or derailing trains that tremble the room, but in texture, power and fidelity, the bass of these speakers deserve a round of applause. And although it is not actually possible to talk about any of these components individually in these type of events, my preference in the speaker area, was for these Diptyques. The midrange, like the bass, was able to bring that naturalness and texture, the soulful charge we seek in musical reproduction.

Avantgarde Wadax DS Audio Technics Kondo Room

Are you prepared for the power of an Avantgarde Trio G3 set? You might be surprise by how this small “David” 211 valve amplifier fills such a “Goliath” sized room and speakers. But this events are normally populated by those who almost can’t be surprised anymore, the room was completely filled with people and impressive sounds.These Japanese know what they’re doing!

One of the most suitable tracks to demonstrate the capabilities of this system would be “You and Your Friend” from Dire Straits. And Miguel Carvalho, from Ultimate, knows it, and by serving it to those present, allowed us to slide into space, filled with Mark Knopfler’s slide guitar. The space and the typical sound of horn speakers were a bet won in this system. Anyone who really wants something truly special, has a big room to fill with “big” sound, and a suitable wallet, this can be “the” solution.

Audiovector Accuphase Brinkmann Innuos CrystalCable Room

Anywhere else this room could be the reference of any audiophile store or show, here, it would seem the country mouse. I invite you to read about the present Accuphase amplification, on a previous article of this series of my audiophile adventures on highend, here the highlights are the sources, in my opinion. Innuos’ Statement line and Brinkmann’s deck, with DS Audio optical cartridge. Here, the vinyl were in the form of copper discs read by an optical cartridge. Very interesting, with matching interesting sound.

A system, due to its intimate characteristics, has more difficulties in impressing in events of this nature.

Taste, is something that is not discussed or explained. And the system that impressed me the most, I risk saying mainly due to amplification, was that of

Kroma Gryphon MSB Taiko Room

World premiere of the Spanish Kroma Mercedes speakers in this room, powered by Gryphon Apex A-class monoblocks with, wait for it, 225W!

These Vikings know what they’re doing. Wow, wow, wow!!! The power, the control, the strength, but at the same time the restraint and delicacy of this set. We get used to classifying high-end sound with adjectives and categories, but here we had music as it should be heard. Simply music!

Terry Ellis/Pursuit Perfect System’s video report of this event can be seen here: 

Thank you Ultimate for helping to divert the epicentre of the High-end a little closer to us.