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Início » SilentPower Launches LAN iPurifier Pro Ethernet Noise Filter

SilentPower Launches LAN iPurifier Pro Ethernet Noise Filter

SilentPower announced the launch of the LAN iPurifier Pro, an advanced Ethernet noise filter designed to improve the quality of music and video streaming. The new device employs cutting-edge optical galvanic isolation and jitter elimination technology to provide an enhanced, interference-free streaming experience.

The LAN iPurifier Pro stands out for its compact, plug-and-play solution, which easily fits between the router and the streamer. Its design ensures complete isolation between the input and output, effectively blocking electrical noise, interference, and leakage currents from the router or switch.

In addition to superior optical isolation, the device regenerates the signal using active circuits to reconstruct the binary data flow, further reducing jitter and improving overall system performance. It is powered by a low-noise DC-DC power supply and supports 1000BASE-T and IEEE 802.3x standards, enabling Gigabit Ethernet speeds.

The front panel features diagnostic LEDs that provide real-time status updates on power, connection, and input/output data speeds. The brightness of these LEDs can be adjusted by users.

According to SilentPower, the LAN iPurifier Pro represents a significant advancement in network noise filtering, promising a more immersive streaming experience for both home and professional use.

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