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Início » STAX launches the entry-level electrostatic system SRS-X1000

STAX launches the entry-level electrostatic system SRS-X1000

STAX, the renowned manufacturer of electrostatic audio equipment, announces the launch of the SRS-X1000. This new system, the successor to the popular SRS-3100, includes the SR-X1 “Earspeakers” and the SRM-270S amplifier, featuring superior quality materials and promising, according to the manufacturer, high-quality sound reproduction.

Stax SRS-X1000 electrostatic sound system
Stax SRS-X1000

The SRS-X1000 will be available for €1,299. The SR-X1 headphones, inspired by the classic SR-1 and SR-X models, promise better sound quality and durability. The SRM-270S amplifier promises improvements in functionality and aesthetics. The set is presented as an advancement in heat dissipation and the use of low-noise components, promising transparent and detailed sound.

In addition to sound quality, the SRS-X1000 stands out for its comfort and durability, according to STAX, with a structure made of high-quality metals and ear pads in sheep leather. The system is easy to integrate with the existing equipment. Douglas IP, Sales and Marketing Director at STAX, states: “With the SRS-X1000, we have redefined the expectations of an entry-level device, offering not only superior sound quality but also comfort and durability.”